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Love, Death and Divorce: What you should know

South Africa is one of the few countries in the world that give people the freedom of testation and accept several types of marriages and cohabitation arrangements. 

Compulsory Vaccination in the Workplace

The topic of compulsory vaccination in the workplace remains a highly controversial one.

Grondhervorming en die inpak van die onlangse KwaZulu-Natal uitspraak

Toe Suid-Afrika in April 1994 demokrasie bereik het, is alle tuislande, ook dié van die voormalige KwaZulu, afgeskaf.

Insurance and Covid-19

In a judgment delivered on 26 June 2020 in the Cape High Court…

Important Notice: Lost Title Deeds & Mortgage Bonds

As of 01 January 2020 if you have lost your title deed and want to apply to replace it:

A Landlord’s right to terminate a residential lease and evict tenants, explaned.

The landscape of the process of residential evictions in South Africa has changed dramatically.

Dementia – Is a Power of Attorney a Solution?

In general no person can act on behalf of another unless a person (principal) authorises another person (representative/agent) to do so…

Early Cancellation of Lease Agreement

With the implementation of the Consumer Protections Act 68 of 2008 (the “CPA”) a tenant, who is a natural person, is entitled to cancel a lease agreement at any time during the rental period…

Understanding the Validity of Electronic Contracts

Understanding the validity of electronic contracts in South Africa amid the Corona virus (Covid-19) Pandemic

Understanding Liquidation

Liquidation may be the only appropriate solution in tough times – the process explained

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